Adams Golf Hybrids Idea
We know how to make hybrids better than any other company. And we know when we’ve made our easiest to hit hybrid ever. That would be now with the new idea. Better ball speed, better launch, more forgiveness and it looks great too - giving you the confidence to hit the shots you want.

Adams Golf Hybrids Pro Features:
New Cut-Thru Slot™ design in the hybrids increases ball speed and launch and adds extra distance on off-center shots.
An Upside-Down patented design lets us design these like our easy to hit Tight Lies Fairway Wood – putting the center of gravity lower so golfers can get the ball in the air easier.

Adams Golf Hybrids Pro Stock Shaft Offering: Mitsubishi Bassara Eagle Series

Adams Golf Hybrids Pro Stock Grip Offering: Idea AG4 Multi-Texture Grip

Adams Golf Hybrids Pro Stock Specifications:
Club Loft Lie Length SW Hand Flex
2 Hybrid 16.5° 56.75° 41.75" D0.5 R S R A
3 Hybrid 19° 58° 40.75" D0.5 R L S R A
4 Hybrid 22° 59.25° 39.75" D0.5 R L S R A
5 Hybrid 25° 60.25° 39" D1.5 R L S R A
6 Hybrid 28° 61.25° 38.25" D1.5 R L S R A
7 Hybrid 32° 62.25° 37.5" D1.5 R S R A

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