Adams Golf Irons XTD
The new XTD irons feature the industry's first-ever cross-cavity design, combined with Cut-Thru Slot Technology, to create distance through technology instead of strengthened lofts.

"As opposed to the standard practice of strengthening irons lofts, we're providing distance while retaining optimal ball flight. And by integrating thinner faces and Cut-Thru Slot Technology into irons, we're making it much easier for players to produce higher, longer, straighter and more consistent shots." - Justin Honea, Sr. Director of R&D

Adams Golf Irons XTD Forged Features:
-An industry-first cross-cavity technology helps keep errant-struck shots on their proper path. Constructed for players of all skill levels, XTD irons boast a center of gravity (CG) moved off the face to generate gear effect similar to a hybrid. The result is corrective spin to straighten off-center hits. After contact, a face impact damper dramatically decreases vibration. Direct pressure on the back of the face produces the crisp sound of a forged iron, while some competitors use a simple badge. This also encourages players to drive through the shot.

-The XTD series houses the company's thinnest cast-iron face to date, promoting maximum deflection and ball speed. Adams remains committed to finding greater distance through technical advances, while retaining proven design characteristics, such as a 28° loft on a 6-iron. Club engineering promotes ideal launch angles throughout the set, with explosive height off of the face, penetrating ball flight and more preferable descent in attacking the pin.

-Players will immediately take note of the improved alignment on XTD irons. Framed scorelines include a polished finish to set the club on its correct line at address.

-Play like the pros and create the perfect set with one or two of the new Pro Hybrids to the XTD Irons. The dominant hybrid brand on the PGA Tour and other global professional circuits, Adams has meshed the best elements from its award-winning portfolio into one design – the Pro Hybrid. This model is projected to be the No. 1 Hybrid model on the PGA Tour in 2014. Rather than a 'mini-fairway wood,' it will play as a true transitional club between the iron and metal wood.

Adams Golf Irons XTD Stock Shaft Offering: KBS C-Taper 90, Matrix Program Q 85

Adams Golf Irons XTD Stock Grip Offering:

Adams Golf Irons XTD Stock Specifications:
Club Loft Lie Length SW Hand Flex
3 Pro Hybrid 20° 57.5° 40" D1.0 R L X S R A
4 Pro Hybrid 23° 58° 39.25" D2.0 R L X S R A
3 19° 59.75° 39.75" D2.0 R L X S R A
4 22° 60.25° 39.125" D2.0 R L X S R A
5 25° 60.75° 38.5" D2.0 R L X S R A
6 28° 61.5° 37.50" D2.0 R L X S R A
7 31° 62° 37.25" D2.0 R L X S R A
8 35° 62.75° 36.625" D2.0 R L X S R A
9 39° 63.25° 36" D2.0 R L X S R A
PW 44° 63.5° 35.75" D2.0 R L X S R A
GW 49° 63.75° 35.5" D2.0 R L X S R A
SW 54° 64° 35.5" D3.0 R X S R A

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