Bridgestone Golf Putters True Balance

Bridgestone Golf Putters True Balance Features:
-Stainless Steel Head Construction
-Dual Layer Grooved Insert provides the perfect combination of feel and roll performance
-Unique Lightweight 100% EVA grip provides the ultimate in comfort, feel, and traction
-Specially Engineered Lightweight Graphite Shaft provides unmatched feel and user feedback
-Putters available in True Balance and traditional Steel models

Bridgestone Golf Putters True Balance Benefits:
-Balance point less than 5" from sole provides incredible feel and connection to the putter head, improving speed and distance control

-Naturally "gates" through the stroke and squares to the target, eliminating the most common miss of short, right 

-Make more putts! 

-TD-01 Mallet Straight 

-TD-02 Mallet Double Bend 

-TD-03 Blade Straight

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