Bridgestone Golf Wedges J40

Stainless steel construction and a large clubface allows the center of gravity to be located lower and deeper for better playability from a variety of lies. Optimized sole shaping minimizes digging into the turf for superior performance from both sand and thick rough Tom Watson's preferred sole grind allows for easy‑to‑hit shots with a square or open club face. Maximum groove volume provides the best possible spin and control.

Bridgestone Golf Wedges J40 Black Oxide Features:
-Variable Bounce Technology creates low bounce on the heel and toe sole areas
-Machined milled face for increased surface roughness for added spin
-Non-glare black oxide finish
-Classic head shapes designed through C.A.D. system in conjunction with Tour staff
-Conforming U-Groove
-Soft, 8620 mild carbon steel enhances feel
-True Temper® Dynamic® Gold Spinner shaft

Bridgestone Golf Wedges J40
Loft Lie Angle Length S/W Offset Bounce
52° 64° 35.50" D4 1.6mm 9.5°
54° 64° 35.25" D4 0.0mm 11.5°
56° 64° 35.25" D4 0.0mm 12.0°
58° 64° 35.00" D5 0.0mm 10.5°
60° 64° 35.00" D5 0.0mm 11.5°

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