Callaway Golf Drivers Big Bertha Alpha

Gravity Control Adjustability

What’s the story on Gravity Control Adjustability? Let’s break it down:

  • For the first time ever, the Gravity Core lets you adjust unwanted spin independently of launch angle, so you get completely optimized ball flights and longer distance. You want an extreme low spin driver? You can have it. Or a more total performance, mid-low spin driver? Yep, absolutely. It’s not magic; it’s the Gravity Core in action.
  • Together with the adjustable hosel, players now have an added dimension of adjustability to optimize launch angle. So now you get EVEN MORE ball speed and distance. We hope that’s okay with you.
  • Dial in your preferred directional bias with the adjustable weights, enhancing a Draw or Neutral shot shape for more accuracy. Whatever flight you want, Big Bertha Alpha can give it to you.
This was tested at TopGolf, Golf Galaxy and Golf Smith using their microchipped and sub par launch monitors showed no increase in distance, actually was hit much shorter than when we tested at Tomball Golf with new premium range balls and using the state of the art Flightscope.

Callaway Golf Drivers Big Bertha Alpha Mens Specifications:

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint

Mitsubishi Fubuki Zeta Tour Regular 60g Mid Mid

Mitsubishi Fubuki Zeta Tour Stiff 61g Mid-Low Mid-High

Mitsubishi Fubuki Zeta Tour X-Stiff 65g Low High

Model Loft Lie Volume Face Angle Hand Length
Adjustable Adjustable 460cc Square RH/LH 45.5"

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