Callaway Golf Irons X Forged

X Forged Irons - Triple Net Forging from Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland, more aggressive grooves.

Triple Net Forging: Triple Net Forging is designed for more aggressive grooves and extreme precision to provide forged feel and high performance for the very best players.

V Grooves: These are the most precise grooves we’ve ever put in an iron of this type, and they’re designed to deliver more control and shot-shaping for pinpoint accuracy.

Bright Chrome Finish: This clean and classic finish creates a smooth, appealing look at address.

Callaway Golf Irons X Forged Specifications
Name Loft Lie Bounce Dexterity Length Swing Weight
3 21° 60° RH/LH 39 D2
4 24° 60.5° RH/LH 38.5 D2
5 27° 61° RH/LH 38 D2
6 30° 61.5° RH/LH 37.5 D2
7 34° 62° RH/LH 37 D2
8 38° 62.5° RH/LH 36.5 D2
9 42° 63° RH/LH 36 D2
PW 46° 63.5° 10° RH/LH 35.5 D2

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