Callaway Golf Irons X2 Hot Pro

X2 Hot Pro creates power and distance in a high performance players iron that’s more forgiving, with better feel.

Thinner Hot Face: A larger sweet spot increases ball speed to make X2 Hot Pro Irons even longer. Very nice! And very long!

Central Mass Bar: The mass bar is low and central in the head. What does that mean? Higher MOI and enhanced feel in a high performance players iron!

Stabilizing Arch: It’s a new feature that reinforces the face, creating exceptional feel at high ball speeds. You’re getting the best of both worlds for distance and feel. We’re not big on compromising.

Progressive Offset: Less offset in the shorter irons for more precision and control. Slightly more offset in the longer irons to add forgiveness and playability. It’s progression with the performance you expect from every iron.

Project X 95 Flighted Shaft: A lightweight high performance shaft that lowers the overall club weight to give you more speed and control.

Callaway Golf Irons X2 Hot Pro Specifications
Name Loft Lie Dexterity Length Swing Weight
3 19° 60° RH/LH 39 D2
4 21.5° 60.5° RH/LH 38.5 D2
5 24° 61° RH/LH 38 D2
6 27° 61.5° RH/LH 37.5 D2
7 31° 62° RH/LH 37 D2
8 35.5° 62.5° RH/LH 36.5 D2
9 40° 63° RH/LH 36 D2
PW 45° 63.5° RH/LH 35.75 D2
AW 50° 63.5° RH/LH 35.5 D2

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