Callaway Golf Irons X2 Hot Womens

X2 Hot Irons provide more forgiveness, more ball speed, and they own the new standard in distance for irons.

Deep Central Undercut: The new Deep Central Undercut increases the rate the face flexes and rebounds. So it increases ball speeds to make these irons even longer. And golfers seem to like that.

Stabilizing Arch: The exceptional sound and feel at high ball speeds come from a stabilizing arch that reinforces the face. You probably wouldn’t expect to get those things in a distance iron, but our R&D Team outdid themselves. Again.

Perimeter Weighting: If you like higher launch angles, more distance, stopping power on the greens and a bigger sweet spot, we developed the perimeter weighting with you in mind. What can we say; we like to give you what you want.

Callaway Ultralite Graphite Shaft: More feel and control while increasing launch angles

Callaway Golf Irons X2 Hot Womens Specifications
Name Loft Lie Dexterity Length Swing Weight
3 18° 59.75° RH/LH 38.5 C2
4 20.5° 60.5° RH/LH 37.875 C2
5 23° 61.25° RH/LH 37.25 C2
6 26° 62° RH/LH 36.625 C2
7 30° 62.5° RH/LH 36 C2
8 34.5° 63° RH/LH 35.5 C2
9 39° 63.5° RH/LH 35 C2
PW 44° 64° RH/LH 34.75 C2
AW 49° 64° RH/LH 34.5 C3
SW 54° 64° RH/LH 34.25 C5
LW 59° 64° RH Only 34 C5

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