Cobra Golf Drivers BiO Cell Unmatched distance with unmatched personalization. Easily tune your driver to maximize distance in super fresh colors.

Cobra Golf Drivers BiO Cell Features:
The all-titanium BiO CELL driver has taken adjustability, customization and pure distance to the next level. The BiO CELL Driver is equipped with MyFly8 and SmartPad technology that features 8 adjustable loft settings, allowing you to tune the driver for maximum distance to match your swing.

It also features New Crown CELL weighting and Forged E9 BiO CELL face technologies that reduce the weight in the crown and face to deliver a lower CG, higher MOI and faster ball speeds. The result? A much larger sweet zone™ delivering longer and straighter drives, even on off-center hits.

And of course, we have taken customization to the next level with five color options: Blue Aster, Barbados Red, Vibrant orange, Silver and new to the line up - Black.

New internal BiO CELLS remove weight from the crown and position it low and back in the head to deliver a lower CG and higher MOI for greater distance and accuracy.

New BiO CELL pockets combined with E9 Face technology removes weight from the face to deliver a larger effective Sweet Zone™ with faster ball speeds for longer and straighter drives - especially on off-center hits.

Eight adjustable loft settings to maximize distance and manage trajectory for any course condition and any swing.

Cobra Golf Drivers BiO Cell Stock Shaft Offerings: Project X- PXv

Model Flex Weight Kick Point Torque Tip Dia.
Project X-PXv X 64g High MID .355
Project X-PXv S 60g High MID .355
Project X-PXv R 58g Mid MID .355
Project X-PXv A 54g Low MID .335

Loft Length SW Flex Hand
MyFly8 9°/9.5°/9.5°D/10.5°/10.5°D/11.5°/11.5°D/12° 45.75" D4.5,D4,D4,D3 X,S,R,A RH/LH

  • UPC Codes
  • 847111033721
  • 847111033714
  • 847111033707
  • 847111033691
  • 847111034919
  • 847111034902
  • 847111034896
  • 847111034889
  • 847111040163
  • 847111040156
  • 847111040149
  • 847111040132
  • 847111033165
  • 847111033158
  • 847111033189
  • 847111033172
  • 847111042211
  • 847111042181
  • 847111042150
  • 847111042877
  • 847111042860
  • 847111031123
  • 847111031116
  • 847111031109
  • 847111032076
  • 847111032106
  • 847111032090

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