Cobra Golf Hybrids Bio Cell
Easily gap your long game to optimize your distance with BiO CELL MyFly8™ Technology.

Cobra Golf Hybrids Bio Cell Features:
The Bio CELL Hybrid comes equipped with MyFly8 with SmartPad technology featuring 8 loft options for simple adjustability to maximize distance and optimize yardage gaps. The 17-4 Stainless Steel Body supports a thin, shallow high strength steel face insert with a driver-like construction that creates more face flex and greater ball speeds to deliver exceptional distance. Bio Cells and E9 Face Technology allow weight to be removed from the crown and face for a lower CG and higher MOI, increasing the sweet zone for maximum distance and forgiveness.

New Bio Cells combined with E9 Face technology removes more weight from the face and crown to reposition it low and back to deliver the best combination of a super low CG and high MOI.

Forged thin, shallow high strength steel face inserts (Driver like construction) enables more face flex for faster ball speeds, longer distance, and higher trajectory.

Eight adjustable loft settings to maximize distance, manage trajectory, and optimize yardage gaps.

Cobra Golf Hybrids Bio Cell Stock Shaft Offerings: Cobra BiO Cell

Cobra Golf Hybrids Bio Cell Stock Grip Offering: Lamkin REL 3GEN Black

Cobra Golf Hybrids Bio Cell Stock Specifications:
Model Loft/Trajectory Length Flex Hand
2-3H 16.0°/16.5°/16.5°D/17.5°/17.5°D/18.5°/18.5°D/19.0° 41.00" S,R,A RH/LH
3-4H 19.0°/19.5°/19.5°D/20.5°/20.5°D/21.5°/21.5°D/22.0° 40.25" S,R,A RH/LH
4-5H 22.0°/22.5°/22.5°D/23.5°/23.5°D/24.5°/24.5°D/25.0° 39.50" S,R,A RH/LH

Cobra Golf Hybrids Bio Cell Stock Shaft Specifications:
Model Flex Weight Kick Point Torque Tip Dia.
Cobra Bio Cell S 62g High MID .370
Cobra Bio Cell R 60g MID MID .370
Cobra Bio Cell A 52g Low MID .370

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