Miura Golf Driver SIT 460

The SIT-460 (SIT stands for Strong & Ideal Trajectory) has an all-titanium head with a volume of 460 cubic centimeters, the maximum size allowed by the Rules of Golf. But patient and careful shaping by Shinei Miura, son of company founder and legendary club maker Katsuhiro Miura, has yielded a head that offers the golfer a much more compact look at address than other 460 cc drivers.

One of the ways Shinei accomplished this was to make the face of the driver taller than in other models. This not only makes more vertical space for overall volume, but also increases the effective hitting area. The large face has visual benefits too: a golfer seeing the tall SIT-460 face behind the ball gets the feeling of confidence that he will definitely strike the ball solidly in the back. This design principle came from the success Miura had in 2011 with the new MG Hybrids, whose club faces are about as tall as the golf ball. That gives a good sense of "ball coverage" for the coming hit.

The sole of the SIT-460 has been shaped in two subtle tiers that both distributes weight effectively and assure that the club sits squarely behind the ball at address.

Even though the SIT-460 is 70 cc bigger than Miura’s previous driver, the Precious Edition 390, the new head weighs just 196 grams -- four grams less than the Precious Edition. This light weight opens up more fitting options for authorized Miura dealer/fitters, who can pair a wider range of shafts with the large, light head.

SIT-460 Driver specifications (Right Hand Only)
Material: Titanium
Process: Cast in two pieces; face laser welded to body
Finish: Low-glare black matte
Volume: 460 cc
Lofts: 9 and 10.5 degrees"

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