Miura Golf Irons Limited Forged Black Blade

Miura's new LIMITED FORGED BLACK BLADE iron is a stunning version of the popular muscle back Miura Tournament Blade -- but with the distinctive Miura Black finish. Company founder and club making expert Katsuhiro Miura and his sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei, and their staff took special care to create a no-glare, flat-black finish with a surface texture that's pleasing to the touch. When golf club fans see these beauties, the effect is like coming around the corner and seeing your dream car parked at the curb. They can't get that look out of their minds.

The LFBB finish is the same as on Miura's Black Wedges. Like the wedges, these irons will show gradual, desirable wear with repeated use. But "wear" doesn't mean "wear out." Instead, it's more like a breaking in, a personalization no different than the one that occurs with your favorite baseball glove or the skates you want in the games that matter.

This personalized settling-in of the finish will differ slightly for every player. But in general, the black finish will mature over time to a silvery gray, mostly on the center of the clubface and on the sole, starting at the leading edge. Time in the sun enters into it, as well as the turf the golfer usually encounters. In the end, the Limited Forged Black Blades will be distinctively Miura, and distinctively each golfer's own - and always a joy to look at as well as play.

Miura Golf Irons Limited Forged Black Blade Specifications
Name Loft Lie Offset Bounce Angle Finished Length
#2 19° 58.5° 0.160" -1" 39.25"
#3 21° 59.0° 0.120" 0" 38.75"
#4 24° 59.5° 0.100" 3" 38.25"
#5 27° 60.0° 0.100" 5" 37.75"
#6 31° 60.5° 0.100" 5" 37.25"
#7 35° 61.0° 0.100" 5" 36.75"
#8 39° 61.5° 0.100" 6" 36.25"
#9 43° 62.0° 0.100" 8" 35.75"
PW 48° 62.5° 0.100" 8" 35.5"

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