Miura Golf Irons Tournament

Call it the quiet muscle. But you’ll feel its strength on the golf course. Mr. Miura’s subtle shaping of the muscleback design delivers a solid punch at impact because the weight is where it should be in the clubhead. Combine that with a classic, confidence-inspiring look, and you’ve got a peerless iron head.

Notice the blend from hosel to clubhead, sometimes called the “par area.” Mr. Miura conceptualizes this as a triangle, then eases the edges and shadows to provide a look that only pleases and never distracts. The face is air-sandblasted (not the usual water method) for just enough friction, not too much. The result is good spin assistance and no glare.

“When I designed the Tournament Blade, my chief goal was to make the lofts, lies and offsets absolutely consistent,” Mr. Miura says. “The hosel is a little longer, for stability, and it is true that that feature moves the sweet spot very slightly toward the heel. But while some may be afraid that this club is hard to hit, it is more a matter of forming an alliance with the club. Those who learn to use the Tournament Blade will find it very rewarding.”

This design, one of Miura's hallmark clubs, hasn't changed since 2007. The reason: there has been no need. Mr. Miura made sure he got it right the first time, and released the Tournament Blade only when it was fully ready. That's the kind of design confidence and care knowledgeable golfers have come to expect from MIURA. Mr. Miura creates innovations based on golfers' needs instead of on the calendar. Enduring designs that work are what he seeks every day.

Miura Golf Irons Tournament Specifications
Name Loft Lie Offset Bounce Angle Finished Length
#2 19° 58.5° 0.160" -1" 39.25"
#3 21° 59.0° 0.120" 0" 38.75"
#4 24° 59.5° 0.100" 3" 38.25"
#5 27° 60.0° 0.100" 5" 37.75"
#6 31° 60.5° 0.100" 5" 37.25"
#7 35° 61.0° 0.100" 5" 36.75"
#8 39° 61.5° 0.100" 6" 36.25"
#9 43° 62.0° 0.100" 8" 35.75"
PW 48° 62.5° 0.100" 8" 35.5"

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