Mizuno Golf Driver JPX-EZ

The New JPX-EZ Driver Your odds just improved with the incredible JPX EZ adjustable driver. A massive playing profile with a low and deep extended weighting system launches the ball into an optimized, low spinning orbit – from whichever QuickSwitch setting you choose. The JPX EZ is no ordinary adjustable driver – ranging from a neutral setting with a high straight ball flight to a welcoming draw bias. The Quick Switch mechanism offers 8 intuitive settings which deliver a vast range of difference – no need for tour quality ball striking to see the variation in trajectory. A Rebound Crown keeps ball speeds maxed out across the entire clubface for consistently long tee shots. Attack the course. Split the fairway like you never have before with the JPX EZ.

Mizuno Golf Driver JPX EZ Features:
• Rebound Crown: Softer edged o.6 mm crown flexes for increased average ball speeds. • Quick Switch: 8 intuitive settings with noticeable trajectory differences. • Low Profile: Tendency for optimized low spin in all settings. • Harmonic Impact Technology: Sound tuning fins for Mizuno level feel and feedback

Mizuno Golf Driver JPX EZ Stock Specifications:
Club Hand Loft Lie SW Face Angle Length
9.5° RH 9.5° 59.0° D2 Square 45.50"
10.5° RH 10.5° 59.0° D2 Square 45.50"

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