Mizuno Golf Fairway Wood JPX-EZ Womens
Your odds just improved from both the fairway and off the tee with the new JPX EZ fairway woods. A deeper, more substantial face has the brashness to stand up to your driver - demanding its fair share of tee shots. Yet a stretched out back, hugs low to the ground to create the low, deep weighting necessary for an effortlessly high flight from the turf.

The JPX EZ’s sheer size is backed up with a Flex Face design – maintaining high ball speeds and consistent distances even from strikes high or low on the clubface.

Attack the course. Play like you’ve never played before with JPX EZ.

Mizuno Golf Fairway Wood JPX-EZ Ladies Features:
HOT METAL Face Design: Ultra-thin 17701 maraging steel face for solid feel and explosive distance.

• Large 192 cc deep clubhead: Inspiring an aggressive approach

• Deeper face: Challenges your driver for more tee shots.

• Flex Face Design: Increases effective rebound area for enhanced trampoline effect and extra distance.

• Harmonic Impact Technology: Tuned sound for a powerful, solid feel at impact.

Mizuno Golf Fairway Wood JPX-EZ Ladies Stock Shaft Offerings:
Fujikura Orochi Black Eye
Flex Weight Torque Ball Flight Tip Butt
Ladies Lite 40g 5.4 High .335" .600"
Ladies 50g 5.1 High .335" .600"

Mizuno Golf Fairway Woods Specifications:
Club Loft Lie SW Face Angle Length
15 15° 58° D2 Square 42.75"

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