Mizuno Golf Hybrids JPX EZ
New JPX-EZ Hybrid
Your odds just improved with the new, extremely versatile JPX EZ hybrids. A vastly larger, deep club-head demands its fair share of tee shots – while its extended, low profile back creates the deep weighting needed for steep, fast stopping landing angles. Crisp, clean ball striking is promoted through a face forward design that allows the leading edge to slide between the ball and turf. The JPX EZ’s sheer size is backed up with a Flex Face design which maintains high ball speeds and consistent distances, even on contact high or low on the clubface. Attack the course. Take your hybrid play to a new level with the JPX EZ.

Mizuno Golf Hybrids JPX EZ Features:
HOT METAL Face Design: Ultra-thin 1770 maraging steel face for solid feel and explosive distance.

• Large 127cc clubhead: With deeper face for aggression from the tee.

• Face Forward Design: Assists leading edge under ball for crisp contact.

• Flex Face Design: Increases effective rebound area for increased distance.

• Harmonic Impact Technology: Tuned sound for a powerful, solid feel at impact.

Mizuno Golf Hybrids JPX EZ Stock Shaft Offering:

Mizuno Golf Hybrids JPX EZ Stcok Grip Offering: Mizuno / Tour Velvet® 360 60 Round.

Mizuno Golf Hybrids JPX EZ Stock Specifications:
Club Loft Lie Off Set Face Angle Length
2 16° 59° D2 Square 41.00"
3 19.0° 59.5° D2 Square 40.25"
4 22° 60.0° D2 Square 39.50"
5 25° 60.5° D2 Square 38.75"

Fujikura Orochi Red Eye
Flex Weight Torque Ball Flight Tip Butt
R 60g 4.0 Mid-High .335" .610"
S 65g 3.5 Mid .335" .620"
X 70g 3.0 Mid .335" .620"

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