Mizuno Golf Irons JPX EZ Forged
Stay aggressive and go for the pins – with the added solid feel of a Grain Flow Forged clubhead.

The JPX EZ Forged delivers explosive distance, and the same effortless flight and tight dispersion of the JPX EZ series, but with the soft, solid feel of Mizuno’s exclusive Grain Flow Forging process.

Attack the course. Feel impact like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX EZ Forged Features:

Grain Flow Forged: From a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet for unmatched feel.

• Max undercut design (4-7): For a larger, high energy rebound area.
• Deep Center of Gravity (COG): Effortless flight
• Multi thickness face: For maximum ball speed in a forged iron.
• Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T): Feel and sound tuned through cavity frame design.
• Custom Set Make Ups: Available in mixed/combo sets or with JPX FLI-HI long iron alternatives.

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX EZ Forged Stock Shaft Offering: Project X 4.5, 5.0, 5.5

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX EZ Forged Stock Grip Offering: Exclusive Mizuno / Golf Pride® M-31 58 Round.

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX EZ Forged Stock Specifications:

Club Loft Lie Offset Bounce Length
4 22° 60.0° 0.220" 38.25"
5 25° 60.5° 0.209" 37.75"
6 28° 61.0° 0.201" 37.25"
7 32° 61.5° 0.189" 36.75"
8 36° 62.0° 0.181" 36.25"
9 40° 62.5° 0.169" 35.75"
PW 45° 63.0° 0.161" 35.50"

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX EZ Forged Project X Graphite
Flex Weight Ball Flight Tip Size Butt
4.5 91g Mid-High .355" .605"
5.0 91g Mid-High .355" .605"
5.5 93g Mid .355" .605"

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