Mizuno Golf Irons JPX-FLI HI
With a wood type hybrid profile, the JPX Fli-Hi is designed to create an effortless launch and steep landing angles on long approaches and demanding tee shots.

The new Fli-Hi features a ‘face forward’ profile that allows the leading edge to glide under the ball –enabling clean contact and effortless launch. The JPX Fl-Hi is designed to flow into a traditional iron set, and distances are engineered to effortlessly match a solid strike with the long iron it replaces.

JPX Fli-Hi’s can be integrated into any Mizuno iron set within a custom order.

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX-FLI HI Features:
Drop down crown: Low COG for high launch angle and steep, controlled landing angle.
• Thin soleplate: Flexes for consistent distance low in the clubface.
• Forward face design: Enables clean contact and optimal launch characteristics
• Stainless Steel body: For low COG and visually appealing head size.
• Multiple Lofts: Mix and match to any iron set.

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX-FLI HI Stock Grip Offering: Exclusive Mizuno / Golf Pride® M-31 58 Round.

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX-FLI HI Stock Specifications:
Club Loft Lie Face Angle Length
3 19° 59.5° Square 38.75"
4 22° 60.0° Square 38.25"
5 25° 60.5° Square 37.75"
6 28° 61.0° Square 37.25"

Mizuno Golf Irons JPX-FLI HI Stock Shaft Offering: True Temper® XP 105 — R300, S300 XP 105
Flex Weight Ball Flight Tip Size Butt
R300 106.0g High .335" .600"
S300 107.5g High .355" .600"

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