Mizuno Golf Irons MP 4 Dynamic Golf 3-PW
The MP-4 is the purest of forged muscle backs for shot-makers seeking the ultimate control over their ball flight. A longer, softer sense of impact results from Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process and bulging muscle design that extends higher up on the clubface. The muscle bulge is most prominent in the scoring irons and reduces down through to the slender long irons – where design emphasis is placed on creating a quick launch and steeper landing angle to knock down flag Pure Muscle Design: Bulging muscle ensures thickness behind impact for solid feel.

Mizuno Golf Irons MP 4 Dynamic Gold 3-PW Features:
• Shotmaker’s profile: Thin top line & reduced offset helps manipulate ball flight.

• Variable Muscle Bulge: More bulge in the short irons for trajectory control.

• New profile 8-PW: More compact than previous MP irons

• Grain Flow Forged: From a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet for enhanced feel.

• Custom Set Make Ups: Available in mixed sets or with MP-H4 long iron alternative.

Mizuno Golf Irons MP 4 Dynamic Gold 3-PW Stock Grips: Mizuno M-31 0.58 Ribbed 51g

Mizuno Golf Irons MP 4 Dynamic Gold 3-PW Stock Specifications:

Club Loft Lie Off Set Bounce Length
3 21° 59.5° 0.102" 38.75"
4 24° 60.0° 0.102" 38.25"
5 27° 60.5° 0.102" 37.75"
6 30° 61.0° 0.102" 37.25"
7 34° 61.50° 0.102" 36.75"
8 38° 62.0° 0.091" 36.25"
9 42° 62.5° 0.083" 35.75"
PW 46° 63.0° 0.075" 35.50"

Mizuno Golf Irons MP 4 Dynamic Gold 3-PW Stock Shaft Offerings: Dynamic Gold
Flex Weight Ball Flight Tip Size Butt
S300 130.0g Low .335" .600"

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