Mizuno Golf Wedges JPX S2

The latest JPX wedges are not scared to show their teeth. With Mizuno’s most aggressive Quad Cut Grooves and Milled face, these wedges will stop the ball dead in its tracks.
Designed to flow from any JPX iron set, the JPX Series wedges combine a generous sized face with a wide, smooth sole with subtle relief in the toe and heel for maximum versatility.
Mizuno’s loft specific groove design maximizes spin characteristics by featuring a different groove shape and size depending on loft, while the thick, solid profile is precisely engineered for a satisfyingly solid feel at impact.

Mizuno Golf Wedges JPX S2 Features:
QUAD CUT Groove: Maximises 4 dimensions within new R&A / USGA guidelines
• Loft specific grooves: Wider shallower grooves on high lofts, deep narrow grooves on lower lofts.
• Smooth cambered sole: More effective bounce for ease of use.
• CNC Milled face: Added friction for max spin in shorter pitch shots
• Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT): Engineered for solid, pure feel.
• Black Ni finish: Reduces glare from lofted face
• Multiple lofts/bounces: Fit seamlessly into any set make-up..

Mizuno Golf Wedges JPX S2 Stock Shaft Offering: True Temper® XP 105 — Wedge Flex

Mizuno Golf Wedges JPX S2 Stock Grip Offering: Exclusive Mizuno / Golf Pride® M-31 58 Round

Mizuno Golf Wedges JPX S2 Stock Specifications:
Club # Loft Lie Bounce Length
50-06 50° 63.0° 6.0° 35.25"
52-08 52° 63.0° 8.0° 35.25"
54-10 54° 63.0° 10.0° 35.25"
56-10 56° 63.0° 10.0° 35.25"
56-14 56° 63° 14.0° 35.25"
58-10 58° 63° 10.0° 35.25"
58-14 58° 63° 14.0° 35.25"
60-05 60° 63° 5.0° 35.00"
60-09 60° 63° 9.0° 35.00"

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