Nike Golf WedgesVR X3X Dual Wide

The Nike VR X3X Wide Sole Wedge, a wide-sole wedge with some heel relief, allows players to be more aggressive around the green and from the bunkers. The dual-sole design enables the player to open the face and maintain a low-leading edge for visual confidence. The new, improved X3X grooves provide a stronger, more aggressive groove edge and deeper groove channels that deliver ultimate stopping power and distance control.

Nike Golf WedgesVR X3X Dual Wide Features:
Two high-trajectory sole grinds for specialized wedge play.
• Toe Sweep Grind: Extremely wide sole near the toe with a very narrow sole at the heel.
• Dual Wide Grind: A wide sole wedge with some heel relief.
• High-frequency X3X Grooves for consistency and control.
• All Satin Chrome finish for a beautiful non-glare look at address.
• 8620 Carbon Steel for a premium wedge feel

Nike Golf WedgesVR X3X Dual Wide Stock Shaft Offering: TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD

Nike Golf WedgesVR X3X Dual Wide Stock Grip Offering: NIKE TOUR VELVET 360 2

Nike Golf WedgesVR X3X Dual Wide Stock Specifications:
Club # Hand Loft Length Lie Bounce Offset Head Weight Swing Weight
52 DS Wide RH 52° 35.50" 64.0° .045" 300.0g D4-D6
56 DS Wide RH 56° 35.25" 64.0° .045" 307.0g D4-D6
58 DS Wide RH 58° 35.00" 64.0° .045" 310.0g D4-D6
60 DS Wide RH 60° 35.00" 64.0° .045" 310.0g D4-D6

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