Ping Golf Irons Karsten

This compact, multi-material players’ iron offers more control over pre-impact face alignment to enhance workability while increasing forgiveness --a unique combination. The 17-4 stainless steel heads offer appealing, confidence-inspiring geometry and a clean cavity design. A tungsten toe weight increases MOI for improved accuracy, and a stabilizing bar provides distance control. The precision-machined face, grooves and back cavity ensure quality for consistent performance

A compact, multi-material players' model, the S55 iron provides added distance with control while offering a unique combination of improved workability and forgiveness. Available in 3-PW, the 17-4 stainless steel heads feature a tungsten toe weight to increase forgiveness, and a vertical stabilizing bar for precise distance control and a solid sound and feel at impact.

The long irons have a CG that is lower and farther back to launch the ball higher with greater ball speed for added distance. In the short irons, the CG is more forward to flight the ball lower with optimal spin. The larger custom tuning port (CTP) sits lower and deeper in the sole to optimize launch. And to ensure exceptional sound and feel at impact, the CTP is made from a thermoplastic elastomer. A machined face, grooves and back cavity, plus thin top lines, a compact head, and a brushed satin finish create a confidence-inspiring design. PING’s CFS steel shaft (control, feel, stability) comes standard, offering a mid-high launch.

Ping Golf Irons S55 Specifications
Club Loft Length Offset Lie Bounce Swing Weight Dexterity
3 21.00° 38.75" 0.17" 59.25° 2.0° D1 RH/LH
4 24.00° 38.25"° 0.15" 60.00° 3.0° D1 RH/LH
5 27.00° 37.75" 0.12" 60.75° 4.0° D1 RH/LH
6 30.00° 37.25" 0.10" 61.50° 5.0° D1 RH/LH
7 33.00° 36.75" 0.09" 62.25° 7.0° D1 RH/LH
8 37.00° 36.25" 0.07" 63.00° 9.0° D1 RH/LH
9 41.00° 35.75" 0.05" 63.75° 11.0° D1 RH/LH
PW 46.00° 35.50" 0.03" 64.00° 12.0° D3 RH/LH

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