Scotty Cameron Golf Putters GoLo 3

Go with the flow has never been meant so literally. Scotty’s GoLo 3 is all about flow. And going with it. Rid yourself of technical thoughts about angles and lines. The GoLo 3 does it for you. The perfectly sculpted stainless steel putter head beckons. Curves and contours prepare the mind. Breathe easy. It’s all there for you. Like a classic speedster, the mechanical functionality is already under the hood. With the GoLo’s on-board aircraft-grade aluminum sole plate and customizable weight technology, that much is understood. It’s how you feel looking down the shaft that matters. This is pure feel, balance and harmony in a putter that makes going low as easy as going with the flow.

Scotty Cameron Golf Putters GoLo 3 Specifications
Loft: 3.5º
Lie: 70º
Length: 33", 34", 35"
Head Material: 303 Stainless Steel
Offset: 1/2 Shaft

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