Taylormade Golf Irons SpeedBlade
The new TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons will take your iron game to a new level with more distance and improved feel.. Taylormade SpeedBlade irons feature Cut-Through speed pocket technology that launches the ball higher and faster for incredible distance. Hit your irons further with more consistent results.

The new 1.5mm ultra-thin face creates more face flex and more rebound off the face no matter where you hit it.

Taylormade SpeedBlade irons have a remarkable feel and improved sound with a re-designed cavity back. Feel the difference and improve your game today!

TaylorMade Mens SpeedBlade Irons 2014 feature:
Set Makeup: 6-PW (499.99), 5-PW(599.99), 4-PW(699.99), 3-PW(799.99), AW(99.99), SW(99.99), LW(99.99)
TaylorMade SpeedBlade 85g steel shafts available in Regular and stiff flex
Available in right and left hand

Taylormade Golf Irons SpeedBlade Features:
-The new speedpocket delivers
-Faster speed across a larger area of the face
-High launch when combined with lower CG
-Remarkable feel and sound when combined with redesigned cavity and badging
-Each iron individually engineered to optimize distance and close the gap between longest iron and shortest metalwood
-A tour inspired wedge shape with ATV sole

Taylormade Golf Irons SpeedBlade Stock Shaft Offering: SPEEDBLADE 85 - STEEL - S, R

Taylormade Golf Irons SpeedBlade Stock Grip Offering: MENS SPEEDBLADE RUBBER GRIP - 47.5g

Taylormade Golf Irons SpeedBlade Stock Specifications:
Club Loft Lie Offset Bounce Length Swing Weight
3 17° 60.25° 6.3mm 0.5 39.5" D2.5
4 20° 61° 5.8mm 1.3 38.875" D2.5
5 23° 61.75° 5.2mm 3.2 38.25" D2.5
6 26.5° 62.5° 4.5mm 4.1 37.625" D2.5
7 30.5° 63° 3.9mm 4.9 37.0" D2.5
8 34.5° 63.5° 3.1mm 5.6 36.5" D2.5
9 39.5° 64° 2.5mm 6.0 36.0" D2.5
PW 45° 64.5° 2.0mm 7.0 35.5" D2.5
AW 50° 64.5° 1.3mm 8.4 35.5" D2.5
SW 55° 64.5° 0.9mm 11.5 35.25" D3.5
LW 60° 64.5° 0.9mm 6.0 35.0" D4.5

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