Titleist Golf Fairway Woods 913F

More Distance. More Performance.
Titleist® 913F is a high performance, classic shaped fairway that delivers long distance and all-around performance from the tee and turf. Our patented SureFit® Tour hosel technology allows loft and lie to be independently adjusted to precisely fit your game. 913F delivers both speed and forgiveness with uncompromised looks, sound and feel. Read on to see how far 913 can take your game.

MORE DISTANCE: More weight and improved CG location provide optimum launch with reduced spin for longer distance.
PRECISION FIT: Industry leading SureFit Tour hosel technology delivers independent loft and lie adjustment for the most precise fit available.

Titleist Golf Fairway Woods 913F Benefits
MORE DISTANCE through optimized launch with reduced spin.
PRECISION FIT to your game with our adjustable SureFit Tour hosel technology.
PREFERRED LOOK AND FLIGHT for outstanding performance off the turf.
PREMIUM SHAFT CHOICES from our high performance stock or custom shaft matrix.
SUPERIOR SOUND AND FEEL from a higher standard of acoustic engineering.
PRECISION MADE with the industry’s tightest tolerances.

Titleist Golf Fairway Woods 913F Specifications
Loft Volume Hand Standard Lie Length
13.5° 160cc RH/LH 56.5° 43"
15° 160cc RH/LH 56.5° 43"
17° 140cc RH/LH 57° 42.5"
19° 140cc RH/LH 57.5° 42"
21° 140cc RH/LH 58° 41.5"

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