Titleist Golf Hybrids 913H-D

Titleist® 913H-d is a high performance hybrid that delivers distance with lower spin from a compact head with low and forward weighting for a more penetrating flight. Our patented SureFit® Tour hosel technology allows loft and lie to be independently adjusted to precisely fit your game. Read on to see how far 913 can take your game.

MORE DISTANCE: Improved, lower CG location and SureFit Tour weight provide optimum launch with reduced spin for longer distance

PRECISION FIT: Industry Leading SureFit hosel technology delivers independent loft and lie adjustment for the most precise fit available.

Titleist Golf Hybrids 913H-d Player Benefits
MORE DISTANCE through optimized launch with reduced spin.

PRECISION FIT to your game with our adjustable SureFit Tour hosel technology.

DISTANCE WITH CONTROL from a balanced, total performance design.

PREFERRED LOOK AND FLIGHT from the midsize head with progressive CG and offset.

SUPERIOR SOUND AND FEEL from a higher standard of acoustic engineering.

PREMIUM SHAFT CHOICES from our high performance stock or custom shaft matrix.

PRECISION MADE with the industry’s tightest tolerances.

Titleist Golf Hybrids 913H-d Specifications
Loft Volume Hand Standard Lie Length
18° 102cc RH/LH 57.5° 40.5"
20° 102cc RH/LH 58° 40"
23° 102cc RH/LH 58.5° 39.5"

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