Titleist Golf Irons AP2-714

Precise iron play means controlling both trajectory and distance to stop your shot near the pin. Titleist® AP irons are precision engineered for optimum flight and distance, with increased forgiveness to help you hit it close.

AP2® irons are multi-material forged irons that offer distance with trajectory control and forgiveness with workability in a solid feeling, great looking tour-proven chassis.

Advanced CG height progression creates higher launching long irons and flatter launching short irons for more carry distance with outstanding control. Precisely placed high density tungsten weighting in the long and mid irons produces higher MOI for consistent distance without sacrificing workability.

LONGER FLIGHT with trajectory control. More Carry distance from higher launching, low CG long irons and thicker face, flatter launching short irons.

INCREASED PLAYABILITY from the dual cavity design with high density tungsten weighting. Consistent Speed on miss-hits from the high MOI design for better distance control.

SOLID FEEL through the set from the progressive CG (lower in the long irons). Crisp Turf Release from the camber sole with pre-worn leading edge and beveled trailing edge.

TOUR PROVEN PROFILE with progressive weighting, face thickness and sole widths. Superior Appearance with a satin polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights.

Titleist Golf Irons AP2-714 Specifications
Club Loft Lie Length Offset Bounce Swing Weight
3 21° 60° 39" .160" ° D2
4 24° 61° 38.5" .145" D2
5 27° 62° 38" .130" D2
6 30° 62.5° 37.5" .120" D2
7 34° 63° 37" .110" D2
8 38° 63.5° 36.5" .100" D2
9 42° 64° 36" .090" D2
P 46° 64° 35.75" .085" D2
W 50° 64° 35.5" .080" D2

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