Titleist Golf Irons MB 714

Titleist® MB irons are high performance, tour-proven forged blade irons that offer maximum shot control with improved address profiles and enhanced feel through the turf for the highly skilled golfer.

Forged from 1025 carbon steel, MB irons feature tour-preferred constant blade lengths with minimal progressive offset for maximum workability. Compact shapes with precise CG locations and traditional tour lofts deliver the proven flight, feel and shot-making confidence that have made MB irons the choice of many of the world’s best players.

MB is a classic muscle back forged iron, delivering great feel from muscle back weighting positioned behind the sweet spot.

MAXIMUM SHOT CONTROL from the traditional constant blade length with mimimal progressive offset

CLASSIC SOLID FEEL from the compact head shape and muscle back weighting.

NARROW SOLE with smooth width progression.

IMPROVED ADDRESS PROFILE with slightly straighter leading edge and blended hosel for less visual offset.

COMPACT SHORT IRONS with traditional profile.

Titleist Golf Irons MB 714 Specifications
Club Loft Lie Length Offset Bounce Swing Weight
3 21° 60° 39" .125" D2
4 24° 61° 38.5" .120" D2
5 27° 62° 38" .115" D2
6 31° 62.5° 37.5" .110" 4.5° D2
7 35° 63° 37" .100" D2
8 39° 63.5° 36.5" .090" D2
9 43° 64° 36" .080" D2
P 47° 64° 35.75" .075" D2

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