Yes Golf Putters Evelyn-12

The Evelyn-12 is a Tour-inspired mallet shape that has large weight pads heel and toe for a high MOI for its relative head size making it incredibly stable. The black PVD body also contrasts with the white True-Square alignment lines to make alignment automatic whether you are right- or left-eye dominant.

Yes Golf Putters Evelyn-12 Features:
-Players who prefer a straight back straight through stroke path and have little face rotation and prefer a smaller head shape.
-Head Weight: 364 grams
-Hosel/Shaft: Over-Hosel Shafting with Full Shaft Offset
-Face-Balanced Tour Mallet
-C-GROOVE Technology
-65-D TPU Polymer Insert
-True Square Alignment Tech

Yes Golf Putters Evelyn-12 Stock Specifications:
Loft: 2.5º
Lie: 70º
Length Options: 33”, 34", 35”
Hand: RH

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