Yes Golf Putters i4-TECH Stephanie

The i4-TECH Stephanie is equipped with i4-TECH C-GROOVE technology creating a soft-responsive feel and unparalleled control. Stephanie has Tungsten weighting, which, combined with perimeter weight distribution, makes it one of the most stable putters on the green. The curved polymer alignment insert on top allows a player to see if their eyes are over the line of the putt, which creates a more consistent address and better aim. The shape is beautifully proportioned and the antique finish adds a rich look that is truly unique.

Yes Golf Putters i4-TECH Stephanie Features:
-Players who try to move the putter on a very straight path with little face rotation.

Yes Golf Putters i4-TECH Stephanie Stock Specifications:
-Head Weight: 362 grams
-Hosel/Shaft: Double Bend Shaft with Half Shaft Offset
-Face-Balanced Stable Mallet
-Tungsten Weighting for incredible MOI Stability
-C-GROOVE 2.0 (i4-TECH Insert)
-Loft: 2.5º
-Lie: 70º
-Length Options: 33", 34", 35"
-Hand: RH/LH
-Polymer Insert Alignment Technology

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