Yes Golf Putters Pippi-12

Pippi-12 is a toe-down, center-shafted option for those who have a little trouble aiming a putter with a large amount of offset. The black PVD finish and white sight line in the back cavity combine with clean, crisp lines to also make this putter easy to align.

Yes Golf Putters Pippi-12 Features:
-People who have trouble aiming putters with a lot of offset as well as those who struggle with impact consistency. The putter is designed to swing on a moderate arc.
-Head Weight: 350 grams
-Hosel/Shaft: Over Hosel Shafting
-Moderate Toe-Down Blade Design
-Heel-Toe Cavity-Back Design
-Zero Offset
-C-GROOVE Technology
-65-D TPU Polymer Insert

Yes Golf Putters Pippi-12 Stock Specifications:
Loft: 2.5º
Lie: 70º
Length Options: 33”, 34" 35”
Hand: RH

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